Double DIY Friday:#1 Honey Shampoo


  • The pH of the scalp is between 4 and 7, and the pH of honey is about 4. The slightly acidic nature of honey balances the scalp and fights dandruff.
  • Raw honey is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so honey washing can help treat bacterial/ fungal issues on the scalp.
  • Honey won’t strip the scalp and hair of the protective oils. As a result, hair will be less oily over time because the scalp will stop over-compensating with oil production.
  • Honey moisturizes the hair, makes hair softer with less frizz.


  • Raw honey (unpasteurized Honey)
  • Filtered Water
  • A few drops of essential oils (such as carrot seed oil)


  1. Make the shampoo “single serving” basis to prevent spoilage. Basic Ratio: 1 tbs. raw honey and 3 tbs. filtered water. If necessary, slightly heat the mixture over very low heat to help dissolve the honey. Should be really watery.
  2. If desired, add a few drops of essential oil.
  3. Wet hair, then massage a few tablespoons of the honey shampoo on the scalp. Don’t worry about getting the mixture on the ends of the hair, just the scalp area. Rinse well. No need to follow with any conditioner.


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